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At a time where there was no video console at home, arcade gaming was the only way to get a fully immersive experience, and Space Harrier was one of our favourite games.
This project emerged after having seen the Atari ST version that was really appealing, and we wanted to build something similar to bring that hi-speed spirit onto the IIGS. Actually, the project started with Atari ST development in order to extract (not to say rip) all the sprites from the computer memory while the game was running, and then to transfer the files back to the IIGS. Exchanging information between computers seems so easy today, but at that time, it has required to build a custom NULL Modem cable, and find communication software on both machines that would implement the ZModem protocol in a similar way: needless to say that the whole process took several weeks!
With those nice looking assets available, it encouraged us to develop some great graphic routines that would nicely use them.
The result is one of our favorite productions, and even now, the version easily matches the official Sega version on iPhone (ok, their version is based on the Megadrive port)

While looking at the demo nowaday, what a pity we've never took the time to develop the entire game !!!