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This was the first major development of the team on the Apple II : the game included 100 levels, a level-editor (hence its tagline the "buildable break-out"!), and a end-game animation that no-one has ever seen!
The game was fully programmed by entering each byte code directly onto the sectors using a disk editor (Moby Disk II): years after, it is hard to imagine that it could even run but, at that time, we didn't know what an assembler was (nor the difference between object and source code).
Under the Second Sight Software Label, the was presented at the French Apple Expo in 1987, and sent to major US publishing companies in the USA (Epyx, DataSoft, Electronics Art, ...). It received very good feedback from those professionals, which impressed the teenagers we were.
Unfortunately, the Apple II was fading away and publishing new titles did not make much sense while the IIGS was just being launched : eventually, the game finished its life as a freeware for the pleasure of players all around the world!

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