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The final demo from the FTA

Even if it looks like a simple demo (as there's just one part), the Delta Demo contained some highly tuned code.
* First, for the first time on the IIGS, a MOD based music (thanks Moby!) that would go beyond the 64KB limit of the Ensoniq. Those routines were later exposed in the NoiseTracker suite
*Second, a multi-threading simulator (!) : all the display was performed during the VBL interrupt, while the main processor was creating the code to display the next object. Once the code was ready, then it was being used by the VBL interrupt, while the main processor works off the next object. Quite fancy at that time, and this is what has allowed us to create 3D wireframe based real-time (or so) animation at 50hz per second on a 2.8Mhz processor!

After having delivered so many products in 2 years, it was time for the team to move onto something else, but this version was a nice goodbye gift.

For the record, it was called the Delta demo to honour an Amiga Demo Maker who used to create everything himself : code, art & music!